Shoulders & Obliques Bodyweight Strength

Join Dr. Kerry for this 25 minute low intensity, high endurance based flow targeting the shoulders and obliques. This class is mostly floor based with a big emphasis on alignment and engagement. Think slow controlled movements meet stability and breath.

Box Breathing 101

Ever heard of box breathing? It's a super simple way to soothe the nervous system and regulate your breath. Learn how to with Dr. Kerry McGinn.

Twist it Out (35 Minute Vinyasa Yoga)

Join Dr. Kerry for this 35 minute vinyasa based yoga class that is infused with twists. The practice starts off with gentle twists to warm up the body and builds to more challenging twist from a stability and mobility perspective. It then ends with gentle twists to cool down.

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Bear Pose Yoga

Join Dr. Kerry in this 40ish minute flow that uses bear pose to build strength and build up to bigger movements. Enjoy a connection to your internal strength and a way to move and feel good through strength

Alignment Basics for Yoga

Join Dr. Kerry as she breaks down some common poses in yoga and how to set them up with ideal alignment. After learning the basics of each pose, we put it all together for a little flow. Feel the difference of being connected to your body while practicing yoga!

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25 minute Vinyasa Yoga

Join Dr. Kerry in this short but sweet 25 minute vinyasa yoga class that will get your body moving, feel good and center you.

30 Minute Gentle Slow Flow Yoga Class

Join Dr. Kerry PT, DPT, RYT for this gentle slow flow yoga class. Most of the class will be based on the floor and the focus is just getting your whole body moving in 30 minutes. I recommend grabbing a block or a blanket to support yourself:)

Low Intensity Intervals: Shoulders and Obliques

Join Dr. Kerry, PT, DPT, RYT for this 25 ish minute low intensity interval sessions. This workout is a mix of functional fitness, pilates, yoga and Kerry's knowledge as a PT. You will spend time strengthening the shoulders and the obliques as well as stabilizing muscles in the hips. It's a slow burn!

Feel Good Flow: Hammy Love

This 40 ish minute yoga flow is perfect for a beluga who has been sitting all day. Give your hammy's and low back lots of love and get moving with breath. This flow is based on a traditional vinyasa flow sequence with a little functional movement and feel good spice.

By Dr. Kerry McGinn

Mindful Strength: Front & Back Body

Join Kerry McGinn for this 25 minute Mindful Strength class. This is a mix of some yoga moves, some pilates movements, and some functional fitness routines. This entire routine can be completely body weight and feel really good but if you have ankle weights or light weights, you might want to grab them. We build strength in the back line of the body AND the front line of the body so you feel supported and strong throughout your daily life.