As my van adventures have taken me far and wide, one of the places I could not get enough of was NEW MEXICO. Known as the “Land of the Enchanted”, the land felt exactly that: enchanted, magical, and rich of history.

While in New Mexico, I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Mai Tang, a doctor and clinical herbalist who plants, grows, & harvests herbs THEN turns all those herbs into amazing tinctures and teas! Her approach is so fantastic : her medical background with her intuitive ear for plant intelligence made me feel like I had just walked into a treasure chest!

I was luckily able to capture a few bits of our interview, which involve her sharing about one of her tea blends “Blue Moon”. We sang ukulele and then I headed off, but I hope you enjoy hearing what I have been up to as we get prepared for SPRING. <3

Listen to this short clip HERE :) 

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An introduction to the Kaballah

Sheefra Blume is dedicated to the inquiry of exploring what it truly means to be a human being. Clinical herbalist, yogi, mystic from the kabbalistic lineage, and ancestral arts enthusiast, Sheefra has spent years homesteading, growing her own good, and facilitating community.

After immersing deeply into the wilder places, Sheefra now lives in Austin where she enjoys community and supports clients to release trauma and live the purpose for which they were born.

11/11 Tea Time with Em!

Join Em and the community on 11/11 portal energy, surrendering to what might be best, lessons from Griff, winterizing, and BIRD medicine!


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Join Em talking about void of course moons, the crazy dreams going on, and the transition and integration happening post eclipse. 

Tarot with Chelsea : 11/4/22

Hello my platform friends! Sorry for the brief absence, but I died a little. Let’s talk about it!
Leading up to this Scorpio/Eclipse season and all throughout it so far, I've been getting messages pertaining to Death.  … Scorpio much?
Scorpio is the sign of depths and transformation and all things shadowy and often intense. Scorpio also knows that the internal shifts are what lead to the external change we crave.
Excelsior – Ever Upward!  It’s so much easier to go up without dead things weighing you down.
Although death is often a heavy subject, the readings I’ve been doing and the conversations I’ve been having and the messages coming up have actually been quite light.
They've been soft.
They've been encouraging.
They’ve come along with a shrug of the shoulders and a gentle acknowledgement of “yea .. time for that to go.”
It's been very clear that right now isn't a time about action on the external, it's about turning inwards. (Again, sooOoOoo Scorpio.)
Once again, we reach that time of year where the clocks change, the darkness and cold settle in, and we are faced with some of the scarier thoughts and feelings that we have been able to avoid.
Once again, we must sit with them. We must be willing to find the stillness, to release, and to allow ourselves to let the dead things die so that they don't weigh us down.
As I’ve done that, I’ve looked at my tendency to fight. I’ve been looking at this conditioning we receive that we must “fight for what we want!” And I’m asking myself, “what if it didn’t have to be a fight?”
I am so very tired of always fighting. And I feel the Universe supporting me (and you, if you want) in letting that tendency die.  “Yea … time for that to go.”
This season feels to me like the time to take our hands off the wheel and let the Universe do its good work. I don’t mean to be passive, but I do mean to be still, patient, accepting, and willing to move upward.
Let’s get out of the way, stop resisting Death, and give up the fight.

Chelsea Mancini
Intuitive Life Coach

11/4 Tea Time with Em & The Van

Eclipse season , north nodes, south nodes, VAN LIFE ! LOVE :)

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