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Breakfast Hash

Just add eggs, sausage, or any other protein of choice and you've got yourself one delicious breakfast!

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#recipe #breakfast #gluten free #dairy free

Body Awareness Project: Sarah Morgan

Join Em and Sarah for a conversation on skin, healing, and loving ourselves unconditionally.

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#body awareness project #skin

Common Push Up Mistakes & Progressions

Are you making these common push up mistakes? Try working on your form using the progressions here!

By Lexie Gray

#strength #strength training #well from within #bodyweight #push ups

Animal Flow 1

Let’s move! Body weight animal inspired movements for some fun, silly, feel good strength and cardio

By Kat Muto

Turkish Get Up

This week is TEST WEEK at Platform Strength, and one move we're testing today is the Turkish get up. Watch this video to hear Em explain it and show us how it's done!

#strength #strength training

To Hustle Or Not To Hustle?

Can there be a middle ground between anti-hustle and burnout culture?

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by Chelsea Mancini

#self love #mental health #chelsea mancini

Visual Perception

Join Lisa Wimberger for a conversation on perception and the nature of visual processing. 

#mental health #neuroplasticity #neurosculpting #lisa wimberger

10:10:10 Invitation

Take 10 minutes to do each of these steps, 30 minutes total.

Sit with this invitation pictured and below in a place where you can be away from distractions.

Find a way that makes sense to you whether it is painting, singing, journaling, dancing; allow it to sit in your body.

Make and enjoy some tea, coffee, or a glass of water away from screens.

"Tree limbs, the underground streams, even your own breath all have their own forms of communication. I invite you to listen to how your environment wants to communicate with you."

By Madison Traviss

#deer #meditation #embodiment #madison traviss