Meditation on Twin Hearts and 3/22 Vibe Check

Meditation on Twin Hearts is Pranic Healing technique created by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, the founder of Pranic Healing. This meditation technique is great for increasing spiritual energy, balancing the energy of giving and receiving to open us up to receive abundance, health and harmony.

There is a short call to journal at the end which is a great practice to cultivate awareness, which is the first step in manifestation!

By Allison Pancost

Turtle Sunrise - Asking for Permission

Traveling nomadically, it can be feel a little fleeting. This article was an intimate moment I experienced with the Florida swamp, our new home, and the importance of asking permission and the importance of rooting wherever you are, even momentarily.

By Madison Traviss

#deer #deer medicine #madison traviss

Sit Spots with Madison Traviss

LIVE: Join Madison to learn more about Sit Spots! 

A sit spot is somewhere nearby where you can go to sit or find slow movement connecting the energy of you and the more than human world around you. Join this live to focus on developing a sit spot practice through my 10:10:10 technique, talking through edges experienced, and writing a sit spot scroll together. 

Meditation for Body Relaxation

Click here for a meditation focused on letting go.

By Lisa Wimberger

Guided Meditation for Deer

Listen to this Guided Meditation recorded next to Cherry Creek. Enjoy the sounds of the creek and merge with your breath as you connect with the truth of your being-- Awareness.

By Allison Pancost

Meditation for Releasing Overwhelm

Join Lisa Wimberger for a quick meditation to help you release tension & connect to your true self.

Sit Spot: Reciprocity Meditation

Join forest therapy guide Madison Traviss for a quick guided meditation outside.

#deer #meditation #deer medicine #madison traviss

Meditation for Connection

Join Kyla for a divine connection of Earth + Sun Energy

By Kyla Gagnon of Daily Ritual

Abundance Meditation

Join Kyla for a meditation focused on creating abundance.

By Kyla Gagnon of Daily Ritual

Guided Self Discovery Meditation

This is a guided meditation for all my deer! When deer are majorly out of balance they need a touch of Beluga medicine to open them up to fully receive the Deer medicine for them. So we start with "OM" chanting and then move into a self-discovery, gratitude and manifestation visualization meditation.

By Allison Pancost