Meditation for Body Relaxation

Click here for a meditation focused on letting go.

By Lisa Wimberger

Meditation for Releasing Overwhelm

Join Lisa Wimberger for a quick meditation to help you release tension & connect to your true self.

Visual Perception

Join Lisa Wimberger for a conversation on perception and the nature of visual processing. 

Meathead Hippie: Lisa Wimberger

Listen in as Em and Lisa discuss boundaries, spirituality, and BIRD.

Click here for more from Meathead Hippie Podcast

Short term and long term plasticity

Join Lisa Wimberger for a discussion on the different kinds of neuroplasticity and how to apply it to your own life!

Circadian Rhythm and Neuroplasticity

Listen in to the Neurosculpting expert, Lisa Wimberger, and she discusses how circadian rhythm and neuroplasticity are related.

Body Movement and Neuroplasticity

Join Lisa of the Neurosculpting Institute for a webinar on how body movement & neuroplasticity are connected!