All Humans Outside Podcast

Listen into this episode with Madison Traviss. Madison is a certified forest therapist, the Director of Stewardship and Partnerships for Friends of the Bridger-Teton National Forest, bus dweller, rescue pup lover, long distance hiker, and so much more. We get to talking about all of it, and she even leads us in a moment of mindfulness that is certain to get you in the right headspace for your day.

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Hiking Prep 101

Check out this short ebook to learn Kerry's top 5 tips for prepping for Hiking Season. As an avid hiker and Physical therapist, Kerry loves helping others get outdoors.  This ebook takes you through 5 things she ALWAYS addresses with her hikers and outdoor adventurers.

By Kerry McGinn

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Guided Grounding Meditation

Feeling a little untethered and scattered? Join Kerry in this short and sweet grounding meditation.

By Kerry McGinn

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Earthly Embodiment

Take a moment to walk outside and gift yourself an experience today. What's in flight? Beings take many shapes and forms around you. I wonder what it would be like to mimic or move like one of them.

Take 10 minutes today to go for a walk or simply sit outside and notice what's around you.

By Madison Traviss

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Get outside

Whether you are a deer out of balance or just need a mood boost, GET OUTSIDE. Right now, if you can.
Let the sunlight hit your face and soak it in. Why this this important? Click here for 3 reasons to get outside today.

By Michelle Bilinski

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