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Healthy Habits

Do you think being healthy is too hard or too much work for your lifestyle? I used to feel the same way, but it’s not the truth! I am the queen of finding ways to make things easy and quick for my busy life, but still make a difference. 
This is not about perfection. It is about sustainability without losing joy. 

Want to improve your eating habits? To start, focus on adding in good nutrients (like adding protein to every snack/meal) instead of focusing on cutting out your morning latte or afternoon candy bar. Why does this work? We are less likely to stick to a new habit if it feels restrictive or like punishment. Often when we add in good nutrients, we will have less cravings for less nutritious options as a result anyway. 

Want to drink more water? Make it fun by turning it into a game with yourself or coworkers. We are more likely to stick to a habit if it is enjoyable and we all need more play in our lives. And as you become more hydrated, (I recommended adding electrolytes or sea salt to your water) the better your body will function and the better you will feel! 

Want to move more? Try adding movement to your calendar and find a buddy to join in! We are more likely to stick to a habit if we 1. Enjoy it. Don’t pick exercises that you hate. 2. Accountability. We are more likely to follow through when we are signed up for a workout class, or have a workout date planned with a friend. Even if you prefer solo exercise, adding it your calendar like an appointment will help trick your mind to commit and balance your schedule around it.

Want to improve mental health? Start a meditation practice be habit stacking. Start with 5 minutes. Sit in nature. Sit in silence. Download a guided meditation or sound bath from platform daily. Journal what you are grateful for. Spend time in prayer. Habit stack by doing this right after something you always do like brushing your teeth or after walking the dog. Habit stacking works because it already feels like your normal routine.

Want to sleep better? Try some habit swaps! Try reading in bed instead of scrolling on your phone. Drink some sleepy time tea and Tri-mag instead of an evening cocktail/wine. When we replace one habit with a new habit, it can be easier to adapt. Sleeping habits are extra tricky, but luckily your other healthy habits can help improve your sleep too!

Want to stick to your new healthy habits long term? Focus on your WHY. You are more likely to stick to a habit if you know why you are doing it and care for the reason. Make sure the why is for yourself and not to please others. It may be to live a long healthy life. Or to prevent disease progression. Or to set a good example for your kids. Or to have energy to kick ass at your job. Whatever it is, be sure you believe in it. And remember, this is not about perfection. It is about sustainability without losing joy. 

By Michelle Bilinski

But, I'm not stressed

I can’t stress this enough. We all have too much stress.

Just because you don’t “feel” stressed (maybe you have a great happy perfect life, congrats!) doesn’t mean your body isn’t under a ton of stress each day. There are many different ways we put stress on our bodies and these are just a few examples. The more ways you reduce your stress burden, the happier your body will be.

Stress worsens our mood, depletes nutrients, impacts our sleep, burdens our organs, worsens digestion and blood sugar balance, affects our hormones, and more!

How do you take away stress? I have many posts on this! Follow me for more helpful tips!

By Michelle Bilinski

What are macros?

Intro to macros 101: Here are the basics you need to know to best nourish your body!

By Michelle Bilinski

Reading ingredient lists

The ingredients you put into your body matter. Do your health a favor and watch for these red flags. Unfortunately the food industry in our country isn’t putting our health as a priority, so we need to learn and do the work.

One way to avoid crappy ingredients? Eat whole foods that don’t have food labels!

Read the blog for more info on this topic!

By Michelle Bilinski

What is your word for the year?

My favorite thing to do each year is picking a word to focus on and pray over my life. I’m not anti-resolution, but this helps me set good intentions for all of my goals.

For 2022, I couldn’t choose between simplicity and connect, so I picked both! Click here to read more!

By Michelle Bilinski

Goals for 2022

Goodbye 2021. Hello 2022.
It’s time to put you first. Developing new healthy habits doesn’t need to be hard. Resolutions don’t have to be lofty and hard to stick to. Platform daily is the perfect place for you! We've created a huge library of resources to make this as easy as possible.

If you want extra 1:1 help, head to my website.

By Michelle Bilinski

It’s ok not to be jolly

Tis the season to be…
Overwhelmed? Sad? Jolly? Excited? Annoyed? Thankful?

There are a lot of emotions swirling around the holidays for many different circumstances. It’s ok! Feelings are meant to be felt. If the holidays suck for you, I’m so sorry. We all love the grinch though!
Be you. Be real. Be hopeful.

I encourage you to take care of your heart and body this season regardless. The holiday hustle is STRESSFUL to the body, even if you love it.
Continue to eat mostly good nutrient dense foods. Hydrate. Move your body. Sleep and rest. Meditate. Pray. Be kind and loving. List what you’re thankful for. Reach out to a friend or counselor if you need to. Remember the true reasons for the season ❤️

Merry Christmas. Happy holidays.

By Michelle Bilinski

Deer Medicine

If you're a deer in need of some beluga medicine, make sure you take some time to play today.

By Michelle Bilinski

#deer #deer medicine #poplar and spice

Nontoxic swaps

Check out these 4 simple swaps you can make to reduce your exposure to environmental toxins!

By Michelle Bilinski