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Six weeks focused on sleep, six weeks focused on strength. Sleep better so you can get stronger!

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How to prep for pregnancy (besides kegels!)

Google “preconception exercise”. I bet the main thing you’ll see is to make sure you’re doing kegels. And while that’s not inherently wrong, there's nuance to it. Many women have overactive pelvic floors, meaning that kegels may not be beneficial at all. There are SO many other things you can do to prepare your body for pregnancy like:

1. Connection breath: This is a type of kegel variation, but it teaches you to both contract & RELAX the pelvic floor in conjunction with your core & breath. With the inhale you relax the pelvic floor, & with the exhale is when you contract both your core & pelvic floor together. It’s harder than it sounds! Once you have that down, you can start to incorporate the connection breath into functional movements, which will be super important once you're pregnant.

2. Mobility: Want to reduce the chances of aches and pains during pregnancy? Get flexy, friend! This is also a great time to practice pelvic floor relaxation.

3. Strength training: Bodyweight movements like push ups, pull ups, dips, step ups, box jumps, air squats, lunges, or lifting weights will help you build strength so you feel strong, empowered, and ready for the challenges pregnancy may bring.

4. Total core movements: The reason I say TOTAL is because most people just think about abs. Yes, your abs are a part of of it, but your core includes your shoulders, scapula, abdominals, obliques, erectors, glutes, hip flexors, adductors & more.

5. Moderate intensity cardio: I preface this by saying MODERATE because high-intensity cardio is likely not going to help you get pregnant. Especially for you over-exercisers, you may need to do WAY LESS in order to allow your body to feel safe enough to get pregnant.

6. Walks (& rest days): This piggybacks off of #5, because you MUST allow your body to rest in order to recover and feel that it can prioritize making a baby. Walking is a great replacement for your typical workouts so that you can take a few days off and still get some gentle movement in.

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The Evolution of Exercise

What is your relationship with exercise like? If you’re like me, you may have had a love/hate relationship with it over the years.

As a kid, it’s all about having fun! Playing sports, chasing your friends, doing cartwheels, etc. No agenda, no worrying, just pure enjoyment moving your body. Then as you get older you learn about how exercise is healthy and can make you lose weight, which seemingly everyone wants to do. Which makes you think that you should too. You start to realize there is SO much pressure on women especially to look a certain way, and yet that seems to be a moving target.

Be thin, but not too skinny. Be strong, but not too muscular. Be curvy, but not too much! It’s a never-ending cycle.

My relationship with movement has changed drastically over the years, and I thought I’d share because I know some of y’all will relate. You can head to the blog to read the full story, but long story short:

I fell in love with strength training, starting with bodyweight only. This type of movement wasn’t too hard on my body, I didn’t need any equipment, and it made me feel so strong and more confident than I’d ever been. Learning how to do pushups and pullups was one of the most empowering things ever and I was immediately hooked.

Then all I wanted to do was share this newfound love with other women because I had finally brought the joy back into exercise. I learned that fun, quick workouts are WAY more sustainable for adult life because let’s face it, we don’t have the same amount of free time (or energy!) that we used to.

Which is exactly why I created Fit from Home in 90 Days. I love this program so much because it is a true representation of my story and the time when I fell in love with movement again. This program is designed for busy women who want to build strength at home, without equipment, in 30 minutes a day.

3 Ways to Sleep Better

These 3 things are the FASTEST ways to improve your sleep. Of course, there may be other underlying issues to address, but this is a darn good place to start right now.

1. Get 10-20 minutes of morning sunshine! This is how you advance your circadian rhythm so that you get tired earlier in the evening. If it's freezing outside, bundle up! It's not your skin that matters in this situation. Your EYES are all that need to get that morning sun for sleep's sake.

2. NO CAFFEINE after 12 pm. It takes most people ten hours for your body to metabolize caffeine and get it out of your body. Some people it takes even longer! So if you're still not falling asleep quickly, you might want to cut caffeine altogether.

3. Eliminate blue light OR wear blue blockers after dark. I recommend BLUblox Sleep+ because they're proven to block all blue AND green light that are disruptive for sleep. I dare you to try not to fall asleep watching Netflix with these bad boys on!

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By Lexie Gray

Breakfast Burritos

These may be breakfast burritos, but they're perfect for any meal of the day!

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Pumpkin Chai Latte

This easy latte has all the holiday feels without any of the added junk!

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Paleo Collagen Cinnamon Rolls

Need a fun Christmas breakfast? Pair these cinnamon rolls with eggs & bacon for the perfect start to your day!

Paleo Ginger Molasses Cookies

Normally I have a strict “chocolate chip cookie only” policy. But this is the PERFECT holiday treat and the only cookie I’d cheat on chocolate chip with.

By Lexie Gray

12 Days of Christmas Workouts

We're all short on time throughout the holidays, but that doesn't mean we can't take some time for ourselves. This mini challenge is just 12 minutes of movement for 12 days to keep you moving and sane throughout the craziness this month can bring. And what's more fun than dancing to Christmas music throughout your workout? Nothing. That's what.

By Lexie Gray

Common Push Up Mistakes & Progressions

 Are you making these common push up mistakes? Try working on your form using the progressions here!

By Lexie Gray