Office Hours: Gains

If you're looking to get those gainz in 2022, listen in as Em, Wade, & April talk about how to get the most out of your workouts no matter what your routine is. 

Mobility with Wade: Intention

Join Wade for a mobility class full of intention to make the most of this time you're taking for yourself.

Weight Loss & Body Composition

If you're setting some goals for the new year, listen in as Em & Wade discuss a new perspective on weight loss & body composition changes

Office Hours: Consistency

Listen in as Em and Wade talk about why consistency is so important and how we can continue to show up for ourselves day in and day out!

Legs & Core with Wade

Wade has a killer workout for you focused on LEGS & CORE!

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Mobility for Hip Pain

Wade will talk you through pigeon stretch, couch stretch, an IT band stretch, and a glute release that will open up your hips and help tightness and joint pain.

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Upper Body Mobility & Workout with Wade

Join Wade for a great upper body workout, mobility included!

Grind then Grub!

Join Wade for a follow along EmPack workout to start your Thanksgiving!

10x Sumo Squat & Pulses
12x Plank Shoulder Taps
7x Burpees

10 rounds each movement: 20 sec work, 10 sec rest
EmPack Ice Skaters
Weighted Jump Lunges
Toe Touch Crunches
Empack Bench Dips
EmPack Russian Twists

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Mobility with Wade: Quads

Get some mobility in today with this class with Wade focused on quads & hips

Lower Body with Em & Wade

Join Em & Wade for a lower body burn today!

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