Taurus Full Moon Podcast

Welcome to the preview; we have a beautiful full moon in taurus - listen to this podcast to learn about the energy of this potent moon!

By Tiffany Tarsa

#astrology #moon #full moon #taurus

Taurus Full Moon Guidebook

Use this guidebook for insight on the taurus full moon + journal prompts + practices for each BIRD archetype!

Scorpio New Moon PDF

The Scorpio new moon is a time of deep reflection and transformation, use this workbook to gain a deeper insight into the energy of this moon and journal your heart out

By Tiffany Tarsa

#astrology #moon #new moon #scorpio

astrology and your career

Join us for one hour for a workout with Tiffany on astrology and your career!

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Aries Full Moon

The Full Moon is upon us, and this one is POWERFUL! Get all the details with this podcast from Tiffany Rising!

Aries Full Moon Workbook

Get a deeper look at the power of this Aries Full Moon with this workbook that includes an overview of this energy, transit guide, journal prompts and activities you can do to connect with this moon!

Libra New Moon PDF

Read along as Tiffany dives into the energy of this beautiful Libra New Moon! 

Libra New Moon Podcast

Listen along as Tiffany dives into the energy of this beautiful Libra New Moon! 

Pisces Full Moon

On September 20th we will have a beautiful Full Moon in Pisces, this PDF offers an overview of this energy, a practice to track where this moon will be in your natal chart, and journal prompts to help harness and connect deeper to the power of this lunation! Be sure to listen to the audio for a deeper dive into all things Pisces!

By Tiffany Rising

#astrology #moon #pisces #full moon