Pisces Full Moon Podcast

Listen as Tiffany unpacks the energy of this beautiful Full Moon. Dive deep into the energy of Pisces, what to expect and practices to work with this lunation!

By Tiffany Tarsa

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End of September Energy

As we embark on a new season, it felt like the perfect time to provide an update on the energy in the sky. In this recording Tiffany highlights what the end of September has in store for us! 

Libra Season PDF

Today we transition from Virgo to Libra - the Autumn Equinox symbolizes the inherent balance that Libra brings - a night and day equal in length. A beautiful time to honor and celebrate the abundance all around. This PDF guide highlights key Libra energy, journal prompts and embodiment practices, as well as a full transit overview for this season!

Follow the Moon

With the moon as our compass, we will never get lost. 

We start the week off with a beautiful 1st quarter moon in Sagittarius, this is the halfway point between the Virgo new moon and the upcoming Pisces full moon. This moon phase grants us energy and motivation to get things done, while Sagittarius brings the fire we need to fuel our passions, our quest, and our desire for truth.

Follow the moon this week and feel into the energy as she shifts from sign to sign, building to her fullness where we all celebrate the magic in our life. 

Virgo New Moon Podcast

The new moon is tomorrow! Listen as Tiffany shares all the details and what it means.

Astrology with Tiffany 8/12