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Prioritize Your Priorities

Feeling a lack of fulfillment? Perhaps you're not acting out your priorities. Do this exercise whenever you feel the need to get yourself back "on track" toward your best self and what's truly important.

By Lindsay Mumma

Kundalini Yogic Principles - Dressing with Drala

The principle of drala is a concept from the kundalini yogic sciences. It is a form of meditation to dress with the intention of expanding your aura.

If you don't make the time for a meditation or kundalini kriya, you can still move your energy by choosing your wardrobe in such a way that it expresses your truest self.

Click here to watch!

By Lindsay Mumma

Kirtan Kriya

I'm still not a kundalini yoga teacher, but I am a kundalini yoga student, and Kirtan Kriya is one of the classic kundalini kriyas that is incredible for changing energy quickly and efficiently. Give it a try!

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo
Sa Ta Na Ma
Sat Nam

By Lindsay Mumma

Three Minute Kundalini Breathwork

Join me for 3 minutes to level up your current state and connect to the present moment.

Mantra options: Sa Ta Na Ma x2 or Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung

And to level up even more, do it with the Expand-a-lung

By Lindsay Mumma

Postpartum Rehab

Giving birth is a huge endeavor, especially for the core and pelvic floor. I created this course to help my patients heal their core and pelvic floor, begin to introduce load appropriately, and honor the journey of giving birth alongside the manual medicine I offer in-office. 

You can now experience the benefits of this six week course: establish functional movement of the core and pelvic floor, introduce movement in a way that creates stable patterns rather than compensation, and spend time getting to know your new postpartum body. 

After giving birth, there is physical, mental, and emotional healing that needs to take place. This course focuses on the physical aspect, but certainly sprinkles in some emotional and mental support as well as education for the postpartum woman. 

Classes are around 45 minutes and ideally are completed twice per week for six weeks, but access to the course is indefinite, so you can finish at your own pace. 

Medication-Related Weight Loss

If you’ve taken a medication that has caused you to gain weight, and have later come off them but are still retaining weight, you could need to support your body’s detoxification pathways.

Click above to listen in to a quick video on this topic. 

There are many ways to do this, and one thing I recommend is taking methylated B vitamins for patients to help support detoxification systems. Specifically, methylated B vitamins and NOT folic acid, cyanocobalamin, etc. People tend to speak about these forms of B vitamins interchangeably, but they have different functions, especially for people with MTHFR mutations.

Empírica Vital Bs contain these methylated B vitamins that are a great support for your detoxification pathways!

9 minute kundalini kriya

I'm doing this kriya everyday from the Fall Equinox until the Winter Solstice - who wants to join me?!

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Calm Yourself Down with the Polyvagal Theory

Use the principles of the Polyvagal Theory according to Dr. Stephen Porges to downregulate your autonomic nervous system (translation: try these two things to calm the heck down right now).

For a deeper dive into the Polyvagal Theory, I have two courses that include more in-depth description and application: moveMentors Postpartum Rehab and moveMentors Caregivers. Check them out here: