Our NEW D3/K2 Liquid Bundle

D3/K2 is BACK! With eco-friendly packaging and bundled for increased absorption.

Click HERE to learn the benefits of each vitamin, how to take them, and why they're CRUCIAL for absorbing calcium and optimizing its use in the body!

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Daily Magnesium!

Learn why DAILY MAGNESIUM matters, why ours is unique (and our best seller), and how to add it to your daily routine!

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Year in Review + What's to Come in 2023!

We made BIG changes this year, including reducing our plastic footprint and launching multiple new supplement boxes!

Click HERE for the recap & what's to come in 2023. 

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How to Handle the Hangry

Many issues we face - like hangriness, low energy, cravings, & a midday crash - come down to understanding the health of our cells.

When we eat nutrient dense foods, we will absolutely improve all of the above.

But in a world covered in toxins and nutrient depleted soil, we are all in need of basic nutrients to heal our body and be at the most optimal state.

CLICK HERE to learn what being "hangry" really means - and how to handle it with a thoughtful combination of food, herbs, & supplements!

Trying to cut sugar? This supp can help

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are a group of essential amino acids that help build muscle and alleviate fatigue.

If you consistently eat and properly digest high quality proteins, then you’re getting your BCAAs in! Because of this, many wonder if a BCAA supplement is even worth it.

Click here to learn if it's a good fit for you!

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WE ARE BACK, with no more plastic!


Our new, more sustainable packaging is here, starting with the Essentials!

The Essentials Pack supports overall balance, including mood, energy, and optimal cellular functioning, and addresses the most common deficiencies we see.

This pack includes:

Vital Bs
Omega 3s
Tri-mag (capsule form)

Click here to learn more!

Exciting news!

We've been working on new, more sustainable packaging! Read more about it here!

We’ve decided to move away from plastic bottles and toward sustainable cardboard packets. It's better for our planet, and we also think it will help simplify your supplement routine.

"The Essentials Pack" will be the first of many custom bundles that we are creating in this new packaging, and it will be available very soon for purchase!

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Summertime Skincare

Click here to learn how to take care of your skin this summer with nutrients and herbs!

Get your Omega 3s and go here for more from Herbal Element!

PMS less with these supps

Is severe PMS normal?
Excessive breast tenderness?
Crazy mood swings?
Debilitating cramps?

It's no secret that PMS can really, really suck.
But a lesser known fact is that severe PMS isn't normal...and in many situations, it's preventable.

How? Severe PMS often indicates a hormonal imbalance to check in on. With the right natural supplements, this imbalance can be corrected!
So which PMS supps are right for you?

Click here to learn which supps match up with your symptoms. We share why they work, how they work, & our recommended use.

Check out all our PMS Less Bundle here!