Hey there! I'm Chelsea. I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, FNTP, and one of your wonderful MyEmpirica Normas!

I'm also a Writer, Tarot reader, and Intuitive Life Coach. I coach women to transcend their fears and limiting beliefs so they can lead themselves more confidently and with intention.

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BIRD Tarot Reading 7/4/22

Affirmation 0:17

Beluga 1:11
What decision feels nourishing?

Impala 2:45
F it. What traditions/conventions/relationships feel right for you?

Rattlesnake 5:44
Put the sword down. Can you just let this moment feel beautiful?

Deer 7:25
How can you deeply give/receive the Lovers energy of harmony/reciprocity/union?

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By Chelsea Mancini

BIRD Tarot Reading 6/27/22

Affirmation 1:02

Beluga 1:38
How can you remain sturdy while embracing your emotional weather?

Impala 4:35
Observe your emotional boundaries and determine what's needed for emotional nourishment.

Rattlesnake 6:32
How is your mental landscape keeping you trapped in the backrooms?

Deer 8:37
What drudgery can you free yourself from?

By Chelsea Mancini

BIRD Tarot Reading 6/20/22


Don't sell your emotional needs short. What nourishment are you needing?

Don't avoid the anxieties. Address them directly.

What battles are worth your energy?

You don't need to build the whole fire. What's one match you can light?

By Chelsea Mancini

BIRD Tarot Reading 6/13/22

Affirmation 0:26

Beluga 1:26
What match needs to be lit? You can handle the dumpster fire.

Impala 3:19
What information do you need to seek to bring you to a place of acceptance? What traditions serve/no longer serve?

Rattlesnake 5:53
Where do you need to relax control and lean into liquidity? What are your emotions saying?

Deer 8:09
Where/who/what do you need to surround yourself with to have your cup filled?

By Chelsea Mancini


Thinking about the Ace of Swords ….

I’ve been thinking a lot about communication lately, which is no surprise as we make our way through Gemini season and had Mercury retrograde to start it off.

More specifically I’m thinking about clarity and directness in communication, certainly when it comes to communication with others, and especially when it comes to communication with ourselves.

The Ace of Swords is very much a breath of fresh air. Sometimes it can feel like a harsh reality check, but I think it best when we look at it through the lens of acceptance and resolve.

There is such a freedom that comes along with radical acceptance of what is. Where am I currently? Who am I being vs. who am I wanting to be? Then we can close the gap. The only way we’re going to get to point B is if we actually acknowledge where we are at point A.

When we gift ourselves that clarity and acceptance and drop the guilt, then we are able to communicate externally in a much clearer, aligned manner. There is nothing to be lost by asking for exactly what you want.

It’s when we don’t have that clarity that we find ourselves mixing signals and changing shape to fit into places we think are ‘supposed’ to be the answer.

Let’s communicate as our most aligned selves. Let’s step into the identities we want and express them outwardly to others. Let’s get clear on what we expect and are willing to accept and allow them to find us.

By Chelsea Mancini

BIRD Tarot Reading 6/6/22


Affirmation 0:44

Beluga 1:25
This is a week for feeling all the love. How can you make space and connect to what you are calling in?

Impala 3:32
What does the version of yourself who has everything you want do? Do that.

Rattlesnake 5:31
Where are you dropping your personal power and how can you reclaim it?
More on personal power:

Deer 7:43
Where is idolizing causing pain? How can you redirect?

By Chelsea Mancini

BIRD Tarot Reading 5/30/22

Affirmation 1:00

Beluga 1:27
What cords can you swiftly but lovingly cut? What's the new story?

Impala 3:14
How can you put your money, or some other tangible resource into the dream you are crafting?

Rattlesnake 5:11
Emotional nourishment above everything. Where do you need some sparkle?

Deer 6:51
Where are you taking on energies that aren't yours? What jobs do you need to get rid of?

By Chelsea Mancini

BIRD Tarot Reading 5/23/22

Affirmation 0:23

Beluga 1:14
What dead thing do you need to revisit and reassess? How can you find a new truth?

Impala 3:53
How can you soften this week? Where are you being too rigid or disconnected?

Rattlesnake 5:51
Forgiveness is on the menu. How can you get more clear about your present reality?

Deer 7:46
Who are you letting into your inner circle?

By Chelsea Mancini

Thinking about the Four of Pentacles

Oh, how we love to hold tightly to the things that are ‘ours’ – but is anything really ours? We force things into our arms and hold them tight out of fear that if we don’t hold it all together, surely chaos will ensue.

I’m often thinking about flow vs. force – but this week a lesson in the remarkability of their difference has really slapped me right in the face.

The thing is, I’m used to getting what I want. Because I’m smart, I’m crafty, I know how to put myself in the right place at the right time. A lesson I took away at a young age was things don’t work out the way you want unless you make them. What a bummer I’ve been holding onto that one for so long.

I’ve never done it from a place of malice or manipulation, but I have always done it from a place of scarcity “If I don’t make this thing happen exactly as I think it should I will be screwed and nothing good will ever happen”

Can you relate?

Over the last year I’ve committed to doing the work – to breaking the cycles that I know don’t work. And it was SO HARD. This past winter found me moving through a situation that I sooooo wanted to tweak and pull strings to bend to my will.

Luckily the universe and the support system I built around me kept reminding me – that’s not the way to what you really want. What does pulling these string really get you? A win for your ego? Or a win for your soul?

I hated it. It was so hard. But I listened (mostly).

And so now, as I am facing the benefits of having done so, of having dug out a root so deep – it is quite honestly jarring. There’s a bit of vertigo as I orientate to a paradigm where I trust, receive, and remain open, rather than clenching my fists.

I said to a client a few days ago “I’m not used to getting what I want by trusting that I will. I’m used to forcing. I need to breath and be mindful of all these self-sabotaging thoughts coming up as this thing just, offers itself to me.”

It’s really quite a trip. And I know I’m not the only one working with this hard thing.

So if you find yourself stepping so carefully to avoid rattling the foundation, or trying to grow extra arms to hold everything in place just so, the reminders I have to offer are these:

What’s meant for you won’t miss you.
Choose what chooses you.
Open your palm, open your arms.
The things meant to stay will, and the things meant to come will have a way to enter.

By Chelsea Mancini

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