Hey there! I'm Chelsea. I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, FNTP, and one of your wonderful MyEmpirica Normas!

I'm also a Writer, Tarot reader, and Intuitive Life Coach. I coach women to transcend their fears and limiting beliefs so they can lead themselves more confidently and with intention.

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BIRD Tarot Reading 8/29/22

Affirmation 0:30

Beluga 0:55
How can you stop searching and start seeing?

Impala 2:29
Where are you getting trapped in the thought of needing to work harder and how can you look up?

Rattlesnake 4:25
What pain are you moving on from and what does moving on look like?

Deer 6:18
How are you embodying strength?

By Chelsea Mancini

BIRD Tarot Reading 8/22/22

Affirmation 0:36

Beluga 1:05
Don't lose sight of the big picture in the details.

Impala 3:17
Where are you needing inner strength and fortitude?

Rattlesnake 4:52
How can you reckon with your joy?

Deer 7:54
How can you unapologetically embody and go after what you desire?

Britney Oracle 10:27

By Chelsea Mancini

BIRD Tarot Reading 8/15/22

Affirmation 0:56

Beluga 2:07
What personal sense of abundance do you need to reconnect with?

Impala 4:23
Focus on what feels good. Are you too focused to enjoy?

Rattlesnake 6:11
Where are you clinging and how can you unclench?

Deer 7:41
What anxieties do you need to face in order to shine them up?

By Chelsea Mancini

BIRD Tarot Reading 8/8/22

Affirmation 0:22

Beluga 0:54
What story do you need to rewrite and how does that inform your action?

Impala 3:20
Practice acceptance and not trying to positive-vibe yourself out of necessary emotions.

Rattlesnake 6:31
It won't always feel this way. How can you lean on that truth?

Deer 9:07
What is the next right thing?

By Chelsea Mancini

BIRD Tarot Reading 8/1/22

Affirmation 0:22

Beluga 0:47
What tangible structures do you need to assist whatever intentions you set with the new moon?

Impala 2:47
How can you see things differently? What other possibilities need to be entertained?

Rattlesnake 5:11
Don't get distracted, what's the next step?

Deer 7:04
Where is time working in your favor? How is your relationship with hope?

By Chelsea Mancini

BIRD Tarot Reading 7/25/22

Affirmation 0:23

Beluga 1:02
Enjoy this phase. What is blooming?

Impala 2:58
Why not? Dive in and create.

Rattlesnake 4:43
How could you lighten up?

Deer 6:32
What adjustments do you need to make to your thoughts?

By Chelsea Mancini

BIRD Tarot Reading 7/18/22

Affirmation 0:37

Beluga 1:10
How can you wish for/reconcile things that seem to oppose each other?

Impala 4:15
Where would it benefit you to sit down and listen?

Rattlesnake 6:06
Is it serving your soul or your ego?

Deer 8:12
What curses are you placing on yourself?

By Chelsea Mancini

Musings - Queen of Wands

Truthfully, I’ve been thinking about her for over a year. Her ability to shine. Her vibrancy. Her unapologetic connection to her sexuality, sensuality, and sacred gifts. I just want to embody an ounce of her authenticity.

Lately, this ability to stay connected to our own internal flame has felt much more urgent.

This Cancer season has been something, hasn’t it? I feel like we were moving at lightspeed, and Cancer came in and ripped out our engines, plopped us in a tube, and sent us drifting down a lazy river.

We’re on a new timeline and we want to be off to the races, but we’re being asked to start our entry to this new portal slowly, intentionally.

The pains of the world have been in our faces for a long time, and now they feel like they are screaming. Our own individual pain perhaps as well, as we slow down.

But what I know to be true, is that this is indeed a new portal. This isn’t the repetition of old cycles or mistakes of the past. This is being willing to see those things clearly and face them, deal with them, and use the radiance of the Queen of Wands to keep ourselves and those around us warm.

We are not succumbing to the shadows or the fear or the pain. We are being asked to burn brightly and show them the light. To continue to radiate our gifts so that others feel our warmth. To continue to choose joy and pleasure even when it feels difficult.

I hope even as we continue to navigate choppy waters, we hold firmly to our burning flame to guide us.

By Chelsea Mancini

BIRD Tarot Reading 7/11/22

Affirmation 0:20

Beluga 0:54
Lean into reciprocity this week. Where do you notice joy and meaning?

Impala 3:17
What creative pursuit do you need to engage in more fully?

Rattlesnake 5:47
Cast the spell!

Deer 7:10
What needs to be put down?

Join me as I release my book :) 8:46

By Chelsea Mancini